The Story of a Missing Child

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At left, Marjorie West at age 4. At right, Marjorie’s sister Dorothea at age 65, about the same age Marjorie would be today. The resemblance is striking. Do you know a woman who looks like Dorothea? Contact us!

Little Marjorie West disappeared on Mother’s Day 1938 without a trace. Today the mystery continues with Publisher Harold T. Beck sponsoring a nationwide search for the woman who he believes was stolen and possibly taken into the southern or southwestern United States.

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On May 8, 2001 it will be 64 years since Marjorie West disappeared. Local stories claim that she was taken to Canada and hidden by members of the family. Others assert that she fell down an abandoned oil well. None of these items of gossip bears any credence except to note for those who continue to read on that the meanness of a small town is unmatched by the worst war crime that can be imagined.

Do you have any information that could help us find Marjorie? Publisher Harold T. Beck is offering a $10,000 reward. See the article for details.

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